Base Pay Structure Design

Your organization’s base pay structure (a.k.a. salary schedule, step schedule, pay plan, salary table, etc.) is the heart of your compensation program as it contains all the pay grades and salary ranges that are used within the organization, except for jobs that report directly to the Board. The base pay structure should be reviewed and updated as an entity as opposed to being ‘tweaked’ periodically.

Either as part of a complete compensation study or as a stand-alone project, Richardson Compensation Consulting, LLC can review and update your base pay structure to ensure that the;

  • structure has the appropriate number of pay grades to support the organization.
  • salary ranges are market competitive.
  • salary range differentials are consistent and sufficient to avoid compression.
  • step differentials are consistent across the entire structure.

A base pay structure design should not be performed by a novice, so let a certified compensation professional update your base pay structure to align with your compensation philosophy and HR strategy.

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