Job Analysis

The job analysis is the process of identifying and documenting (in detail) the duties for a job, and the relative importance of the duties for a job. It’s important to know that during this process, all analysis is focused on the duties being performed not the incumbent(s) who are performing the duties, which preserves the integrity of the job analysis process. Either as part of a complete compensation study or as a stand-alone project, Richardson Compensation Consulting, LLC can lead your organization through a thorough job analysis process to collect data such as but not limited to:

  • Job Identification
  • Compensation
  • Duties Performed
  • Span of Control
  • Knowledge/Skills/Abilities (KSA)
  • Working Conditions

Though data may be collected from incumbents through interviews or questionnaires, the final product of the analysis will be modern and complete job descriptions/class specifications for your organization.

Richardson Compensation Consulting, LLC can lead the job analysis process for either all or a portion of the jobs within your organization in a manner that yields:

  1. Modern and high quality job descriptions/class specifications
  2. A methodology that is high in integrity
  3. Job descriptions/class specifications that facilitates successful recruiting.

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